Build Organizer

Build Organizer

No one understands the challenges of building a new home like Westridge Builders. Seeing your new home go from a design on paper to a completed house is an ardurous process. While the building process can be very satisfying, it can also be time consuming and demanding of the customer. That is why Westridge Builders has developed the Build Organizer® which will help guide you through the process.

When you decide to build with Westridge, you will be able log into your own personal Build Organizer® at This tool is designed to manage all the important paperwork electronically, keeping you organized and up-to-date during the build.

Dashboard - Information At Your Fingertips

A “Dashboard” will allow you to navigate to the area you need to go to and will also alert you to important items you will need to act upon. Special alerts will let you know what change orders need to be approved, what selections need to be made, or when an invoice needs to be paid. Prioritizing is done for you with the Build Organizer® Dashboard.

Progress Blog

The Build Organizer® will allow you to get updates from the Westridge expediters on job progress. Photos can be posted so you can see construction progress without being on site and expediter can log progress in a diary which will be viewable by the customer. This is valuable if your schedule does not permit you to visit the home site.


Choosing the paint color, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, exterior materials, flooring and more can be an overwhelming amount of information to keep track of. The Build Organizer® will maintain a library of all selections throughout the build as well as allow you to approve your selections, saving you valuable time. Westridge has a full time designer/decorator on staff to help you with many of these selections if needed.

Change Orders & Invoice/Statements

Electronic sign-offs will make change orders quick and easy. No more copying, faxing and filing. All change orders will be organized and orderly for quick reference and you can approve them from anywhere you have an internet connection. Whether you are on vacation, in your car, or building from out of state, progress can continue with the Build Organizer®! Your invoices/statements will be posted in the same fashion with totals and balances due.

New Home Care

Although today’s homes are designed to be as maintenance-free as possible, your new home will require some tender-loving care to keep it in tip-top shape. The Build Organizer® contains helpful information on maintaining such areas as grading, granite countertops, heating and air conditioning and more.

Standards of The Industry & Warranties

After you have been in your new home for awhile, you may need to refer to a product warranty. This is easily done because the Build Organizer® will keep them in a library ready for you to review at anytime you own your new home. The Standards of the Industry Handbook will also be available for your reference.

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